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We are a fun-distribution company.  That may seem a little vague, but it’s far more accurate than a long list of boring descriptors.  We produced Escape OnSite, a collaborative explosion of creativity, competition, and teamwork fueled by a group of amazing motivators, business leaders, and game designers.  We use the word “fun” a lot, because we believe if team building isn’t enjoyable, it’s simply not impactful.


The Game


Critical Thinking

Challenging tasks force the group to leverage every teammates unique skillset.


Receptiveness to new ideas is critical to complete the rapid iterations necessary for team success.

Process Management

Limited time & information will demand effective resource management.


Simultaneous puzzles will require cooperative gameplay leading to surprising role reversals.

Game Play

Teams of 4-10 players work together in their attempt to solve immersive puzzles, challenges, and critical-thinking tasks to discover the missing piece that completes their mission before the other teams do so. Don't have a space large enough for your group? Don't worry.  While the game can be played in one large ballroom or conference room, your team can also compete across multiple rooms within your facility.

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Up to 1000 People

We can accommodate up to 1,000 people at one time for our escape room team building. If your group is larger than 1,000, don't fret, we can simply host multiple sessions for your event.


The entire team building experience can be completed in 60 minutes or less working perfectly within any event schedule.


Unlike other activities, everyone will participate with our team building experience at the same time.  No staggered start times that will wreck your schedule and leave people waiting around to participate.


Tired of organising costly transportation for off-site events?  We eliminate this cost altogether, saving you time & money before you even book your corporate team building event with us.


We mobilise quickly!  We bring everything to you.  We can come to your convention center, corporate office, educational facility or hotel banquet hall to execute our team building.  We have even completed events within 24 hours notice.  


Escape OnSite provides a remarkable corproate team building experience that people from all roles and levels of your company will remember for quite some time.

Let's Plan Your Team Building Event!

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Have Questions?

We've Got Answers! 

I get this is a type of team-building activity, but what exactly is this?

Escape On Site takes the fun, creative and exciting aspects of an escape room and integrates corporate-level challenges to create an intellectually-stimulating team building experience.

What specifically happens at the event?

Great question! We assign a professional, engaging host to emcee your event from start-to-finish. Your host will divide your group into teams of 4 to 10 players. Each team will have its own game module at their own table. Your emcee will give a passionate 10-minute brief explaining the rules of the game. Your emcee will start a 65-minute countdown timer and the fun begins! Everyone competes at the same time. Once complete, the emcee will provide a short debrief and the Escape OnSite staff will pack up the modules and depart.

The entire team building experience from set up to break down is 90 minutes. We are able to shorten the game duration to meet your scheduling needs.

What are the game challenges like?

Nearly every escape room and on-site team building company utilises rudimentary tasks such as completing jigsaw puzzles, stacking cups, using black lights, ball tossing and other summer-camp-style activities. 

Do not worry. We do not do that! 

While those games can be entertaining, they simply do not provide the intellectual and organisational challenges necessary to create an impactful experience that produces effective results and strengthens your team.

Escape OnSite participants will have to first determine the strategy that will work best for their team. They will initially be presented with a few conceptual problems that will require the entire group to hypothesize potential solutions. As the game continues, they will need to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, organise detailed information and perfect their overall problem-solving process. As each minute passes, the tasks become more difficult and the competition heats up. 

What does Escape OnSite provide? What do we need to provide?

Escape OnSite will provide:

  1. Game host 

  2. Any necessary staff members for large groups

  3. Game modules

  4. Pens, markers and all other items needed for gameplay.  

You will need to provide:

  1. Event location (conference room, break room, banquet hall or any area that can accommodate a team of your size.)

  2. Round 60-inch tables (ideal) or 6 to 8-foot rectangular tables for each team.

  3. TV or projector to display the countdown timer and game clues (if unavailable, we can provide clues manually.) 

  4. Amplified Audio with Microphone.  We Recommend for groups larger than 50

  5. Prize for winning team (optional and at your discretion, but highly recommended as most participants will ask, "What do we get if we win?!")

I'm planning a 3,000 person convention over 3 days?

Can you accommodate this type of event?

Of course!  We have hosted some of the largest corporate gatherings such as regional meetings, annual conventions, leadership conferences, and off-site corporate retreats.  No matter what your unique needs are, we can handle any challenge.

I'm ready to book an event. What are the next steps?

Our booking process is simple!


Give us a call at +442038852327 or fill out our contact form. We'll discuss your event details and generate a proposal for the event. 


If you'd like to schedule a demo for your planning team, just let us know!

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